10 Awesome Lagun Table Mount Van Conversions

Is A Lagun table Mount Worth it?

To put it simply, a table is a necessity for van life. And because living out of a van puts a high priority on space, the table you decide to install should be versatile for work and meals and durable enough to withstand frequent travel.

If you are thinking about whether to get a Lagun table system for your own epic van conversion, then this article is for you. 

We have bundled ten amazing Lagun table mount setups to inspire you and give you ideas for your own van build. Keep reading to find the list.  


What Is A Lagun Table Mount?

A Lagun table mount is a swivelling table used in RVs, Boats, or vehicles with limited spaces.
Unlike regular tables, it has a single swivelling arm and no legs, which creates lots of storage space. It spins and folds and can be moved out of the way when not in use.  


Why Is A Lagun Table Mount Popular?

Living in a small space helps you learn to simplify life because one item should serve multiple purposes; otherwise, it is a waste of space. This is one of the positives of van life, it forces you into committing to some sense of minimalism!

Lagun tabletops can serve as a coffee table, play table (at least ours did!) or workstation, and then, to create more space, can disappear.  

Our Lagun Table Mount in our Ford Transit Van

Unlike a normal table – with the Lagun table system, you will never worry about putting your wobbly table away when you travel on rough terrain, as it can lock into place, or can be totally removed and stored elsewhere in your van.

We did this on occasion when we knew we would be travelling along some very rough terrain, as we didn’t want the Lagun table putting too much stress through the table’s single leg as the van bounced around.

lagun table installation in RV  

Lagun Table Installation

The best part is that it is easy to install in minutes by turning the hand locks and stays in place when you lock it.

The rotating mount replaces the regular tables that are rigid and cannot move because they can swivel up to 360 degrees on two points which gives you unlimited ways to position your table. It forms a firm table; you will no longer spill your coffee or trip over table legs.

In our van it would also serve as extra counter space for when we were cooking as the table was positioned right beside the kitchen.  

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Lagun Table in kitchen van conversion

We would often use the Lagun Table as extra bench space when cooking as it was so close to our “kitchen”.


Lagun Table Mount Alternatives

Although the Lagun table mount is expensive, it has been designed to give you more options.

It is adjustable, and you can rotate it when you want to watch a movie on your laptop, eat dinner, or move it away to get out of the van.

You get a permanent bed area and permanent table area instead of moving things away every time. But, it does come with a hefty price tag.

Who could blame you for trying to get the same awesome features without having to pay the big bucks! If you do prefer to make your own Table inspired by the Lagun table, then see this  DIY Lagun table mount alternative. It is pretty awesome.



Folding Table Alternative to Lagun Mount

Here is another great Lagun Table alternative that we really like. Just like the Lagun Table, folding van tables are a great solution for vans and RVs, and can typically be made for so much cheaper. In fact, we had planned on a folding table for a little while, but found the Lagun Mount to be the better choice for the space that we had.

One of the simplest builds we have come across is from we-who-roam.com.

Brilliant folding table example from we-who-roam.com

We are fans of the folding van table as you get space savings when it is stored folded down. It is also a simple solution. And like most things, simple is usually best.


10 brilliant van builds that feature the Lagun Table System

If you are still on the fence and undecided whether to toss your old table and get the Lagun table system instead, check out these ten fantastic Lagun table campervan conversions on Instagram. Let’s begin.

1.  Lagun table system for workspace

Arun is a remote worker and photographer who loves to explore the world with his family. He uses the Lagun tabletop to catch up on work on his laptop effortlessly.

He can move the table away to read his favorite book too. Check out his feed for breathtaking campervan life inspo.

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2.  They waited too long to get a Lagun table system

Tip and Tarah share their excitement that they finally have a table in their van after many months of planning. The couple shared that they wonder why it took too long because the table now makes their van look like home. They admit that the Lagun table system creates a difference because the table is versatile and makes everything easier.  

Before they got the table they’d typically eat on the bed, or park up next to a bench table and eat outside the van.

There is nothing wrong with doing this, but having a table inside your van, especially one that is space efficient just makes vanlife so much more enjoyable – at least it did for us.


3.  A creative van table workspace that rotates 360 degrees

Wouldn’t you love to have a van workspace that inspires your creativity? Jazz got that and more. 

She uses the Lagun table tops as a breakfast table but still uses them for work. If you scroll on her Instagram feed, you will be inspired by the creativity of her space.

She says that the Lagun table has great leg space. She loves that it is adjustable and can rotate 360 degrees.
Jazz can pack it away when it is time to sleep. 


4.  Share intimate conversations

Now this is cool. Because the Lagun Table Mount doesn’t come with its own table top, you get to be creative with what you would like to sit behind every day. As you can see in this van build, they were going for a dark, sleek look with black couches, so an obvious choice is a black table top. In our van I went for a lacquered wooden look, but I have to say there is something really cool about the black table top.

laquered wooden lagun table top

I went for a wooden table top for our van. Cut to size and then a few coats of laquer to make the surface more durable.

The Lagun table systems make a cozy home with limited space, and the customization of bringing your own tabletop opens up a world of creative possibilities.


5.  Single person Lagun table workspace

Knarlyvans uses a smaller tabletop version with a leg mount for the passenger seats. You can work on your laptop on use it for your meals. Once again, it just shows how versatile it is.


6.  360 degrees table movement in action

Shaun believes that the Lagun table system is an absolute game-changer.

You can move it

in the direction you want and, depending on where you install the leg mount, you can use it outside if you wish.

I love how Shaun installed the leg mount near the sliding side door. This means he can swivel his table to the outside of the van – genius!

When you want to use it, you bring it forward. When you want to sleep, you tuck it away. 


7.  From the van life to the high seas!

We’ve included this one just to show you other environments the Lagun Table mount works well.

Here you can see it set up in a sailing yacht.

In fact, the Lagun table became famous in boat building circles long before it became a hit in van life and van build communities.

According to James, the Lagun table system is a dream because you can swing it in the direction you want, raise or lower it and quickly remove it.  

He also has one installed in the top of the yacht to use whenever he wants to have dinner outside. 


8.  Extra storage

Unlike the normal table that would limit the space, The Lagun is a brilliant alternative to meet all your needs.

You can move the adjustable tabletop to allow you easy access to whatever is below it. In this case the tabletop is swivelled to resting position above a storage bay.
When the storage needs to be accessed, the table top is simply swivelled out of the way. Easy peasy!


9. Adjustable Lagun table

Natalie expresses that she loves the new Lagun table because it is adjustable.

She can move it to the end to create space and spin it in any direction. You can also adjust the height to fit the chair height it is being paired with. You can pull it away if you want to sleep and draw it back up when you need to use the table—an excellent example of the versatility of the Lagun table van system.

Moreover, the swiveling table fits on any solid vertical surface, and we can take it wherever we go.

Although they recently sold their van, she says that van life has been an incredible journey for her and her husband.


10.  Get inspired By Our Very Own Lagun Table Campervan

Let’s play games, anyone? Lagun table tops are not just for work and breakfast but also a chance to have fun on the van.

child playing on a lagun table mount system in a van

We loved the Lagun table in our van build.

We figured it a very worthwhile investment for use in a limited space. It made our van interior much more useable. We would have most meals in the space, we would work from the table (or at least try to!) and it was our main play area with our young son.

family sitting at lagun table system in camper

Needless to say, we made a lot of really good memories sitting by that table.

Want to know more about the Lagun Table, how to install it, or how to build a custom table top to go on the Lagun Mount?

If so, check out How We Built Our Own Lagun Tabletop.

Share your experience in the comments below.  


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