Can you live in a VW Caddy Van? You’d Be Surprised!

A VW Caddy Van Conversion could be your key to unlocking all sorts of awesome adventure escapes. From weekend getaways through to epic year long adventures, it is a great choice of van, and there is no doubt it is underrated, especially when compared to the popular, but bigger, Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit van models. 

Although the Caddy van is smaller, it can hold all of the necessary van life essentials and has similar benefits to larger vehicles. 

This article will show you why a VW Caddy Van Conversion can suit your needs perfectly and is an ideal choice for van life if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable home away from home as you travel the open road. 

Pros of VW Caddy Van Conversion

Caddy Van is Affordable.

Creating a VW Caddy van conversion is more affordable than a larger RV. Since the size is relatively similar to regular cars, the prices are in a similar range. You can also buy a second-hand van to save more cash. 

Moreover, van life costs can go off the roof if you have a larger camper because the larger cars guzzle more fuel. The smaller the car, the less fuel you’ll need. 

Thus van life in a VW Caddy will save you money for the initial purchase and during your road trips.

Stealth Camping In A VW Caddy

Since the VW Caddy van is small, you can easily get free parking in the city. This is something that owners of larger vans will find hard to do. Besides, you can sleep in your van without attracting any attention as no one would know you’re in the van since it looks like a regular work van.

It enhances your creativity

Creating a VW Caddy build out will be an exciting process for you. You can compare VW Caddy Vanlife’s ideas and get inspiration, then choose what fits you. Having to work in a small space will indeed stretch out your creativity.

Easy to drive and park

A VW Caddy van needs only one parking slot yet offers all the luxuries of a bigger campervan while being easy to drive and park wherever you go. It is easy to drive on narrow roads and you won’t have to adjust your driving skills compared to a larger campervan. Since no camping spot will be small to fit, you don’t have to over-plan your trip and stress finding parking slots in busy cities.

Cons of VW Caddy Van Conversion

It is limited in comfort

The VW Caddy is not ideal for you if you prefer more comfort than affordability. However, since it is long and tall, it is easy to customize it to your comfort.

It is not a four-wheel drive

It may be okay for some off-roads but not for all and may not be the best option if you’re planning to drive roads and through forests for most of your journey. Being small is great as you can get into tighter spaces, but the lack of 4wd may let you down.

The VW Caddy build-out is smaller than VW Transporter, Ford Transit, or Mercedes Sprinter and not ideal if you have a big family, or travelling with a pet.

History of maintainence issues.

Some of the most common VW Caddy problems include:

  •         Door lock issues: at times, the sensor or switch of the sliding door fails, especially with the keyless system.
  •         Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve: when it fails, the car slows down or has inconsistent accelerations.
  •         Gearbox issues: the clutch pedals become stiff and stop moving when the 5th and 6th gears disengage, making the gear challenging to operate.
  •         Fuel injector issues: it’s a common problem with Volkswagen cars.
  •         Turbocharger issues: the exhausts emit too much smoke, or you may lose power when you drive at higher RPMs. You’ll notice when you overtake.
  •         The Dual mass flywheel deteriorates in a short duration, and you may have to replace it after about three years.


VW Caddy Van Bed Inspriation

Dot the Caddy Camper Bed

Here are inspiring examples of VW Caddy van lifers living the van life in a VW Caddy

Dot has a cozy bed in a VW Caddy made of a lowered bed and a 4-inch thick foam mattress. The car is long and has plenty of space and impressive storage room for the small size.
The bed is easy to convert back into seats during the day.

Wilma’s VW caddy kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen setup keeps the campervan organized. Wilma’s kitchen in a VW Caddy has optimized the limited space by creating pull-out drawers underneath the bed. Once you slide the drawers, one side has a portable 2 burner cooker, and the other serves as storage for kitchen essentials.


Albie’s VW caddy kitchen Inspiration

Albie prides herself in DIY VW Caddy conversion with the help of her parents to convert the small van into a home on wheels. Her kitchen in a VW Caddy consists of drawers that serve as countertops for kitchen equipment. The kitchen space is permanent, and the sleeping area is separate, so she does not have to put away the kitchen equipment to sleep.


Vanlife. Living VW caddy shower Inspiration

Vanlife. Living shares a shower in a VW Caddy inspiration from Courtnie, where they use a shower head and a shower curtain for privacy. Because of limited space, an outdoor shower in a VW Caddy is ideal. It’s more affordable and easy to set up.


Vanlife Stand VW caddy shower Inspiration

Van life stand is a community for van lifers inspiring people to adopt the van life. They showcase several showers in a VW Caddy, such as a shower built on the side of the van or a shower head on the back door.

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Nath & Hannah Fullwood VW Caddy Conversion Youtube Van Tour

In this video Nath and Hannah take us through their VW Caddy conversions and share tips and inspiration for you to create your VW Caddy build-out.
The van conversion has fitted wardrobes to maximize space, as well as an epic awning that allows them to cook outside, no matter the weather.


Vanvistas VW Caddy Conversion Youtube Van Tour

Kathryn shares a tour of her beautiful VW Caddy Van Conversion. She shares how the van builds process and all the hacks and inspiration you need to start van life in a caddy campervan. She uses hanging shelves as a table to maximize the limited space.

View here:

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Our Conclusion on VW Caddy Conversions

The VW Caddy conversion is affordable and, when converted well, can give you most of the creature comforts of a bigger van. It offers stealth camping capabilities far and above the likes of a bigger van. The vans smaller size means it is much more meneuverable and easy to park. This is something that shouldn’t be underestimated (trust us – we know. Our Ford Transit Jumbo was huge and parking wasn’t always easy!)

If the above VW Caddy Vanlifer’s experience is anything to go by, you should try out van life in a VW Caddy. 





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