Top 10 Ford Transit Connect Conversions

Top 10 Ford Transit Connect Conversions

If you are thinking about the Ford Transit Connect for your epic van conversion project, then hell yeah, this is the article for you! We have collated the 10 best Ford Transit Connect Van Conversions for you to drool over! Scroll past the next paragraph now to see the list!

Or, first, lets talk about WHY we are starting to see so many vanlifers flocking to the Ford Transit Connect.
Ford have already gotten a solid name for themselves in van build circles, their fame lies mostly with the Connect’s larger sibling, the Ford Transit (Actually, we chose the Ford Transit Van for our epic adventure) but, the Connect is also starting to develop its own unique camper fan base.
As van life popularity explodes through the roof, and more people take to the road as a way of life, Ford vans have become the to-go van build canvases.

The Ford Transit Connect. A great small van conversion option.

The Ford Transit Connect is a little boxy van with excellent gas mileage and ease of drive characteristics. It is a popular choice for the lone or duo campervanners that are looking for a stealth camping van on a budget.

Its boxy skeleton is perfect for wood and joint work, meaning that you do not need the services of a professional carpenter to build your van. To this end, the Transit Connect van is the perfect setting for your DIY bed, ceiling and wall panelling, storage cabinets or electrical system build.

On top of that, the Ford Transit Connect has a healthy balance of luxury, efficiency and style features and can park just about anywhere. The Ford Transit Connect passenger version can seat 7 people. The cargo version has a long or short wheelbase model and two choices of four-cylinder power trains models. All vans have symmetrical rear doors or a rare liftgate.

First Generation Ford Transit Connect

First Generation Ford Transit Connect

The first generation, also called Ford Tourneo Connect, was produced between 2002-2013. Its layout has 5 doors and a platform similar to that of a Ford C170. The 2011 model, which is the most popular of the first-generation van, first launched the Ford Transit Connect passenger version.

It has a rear window, rearview camera, sliding doors, a rearview camera, front fog lamps, large alloy wheels, and a body-colour grille.

Second Generation Ford Transit Connect

The second generation Ford Transit Connect. One of the most popular small van choices.

The second-generation Ford Transit Connect production is ongoing. The 2014 Ford Transit Connect has 2.5 and 1.7 litres EcoBoost turbocharged engine alternatives. The XL trim has a larger engine. A significant design change is the optional rear liftgate, which is a preference for wheelchair users. Mykey, a personalized key system, was also incorporated into the 2014 model.

In 2019, the Transit Connect had a facelift and a 2.0-litre engine as a replacement to the larger engine. Ford also released an EcoBlue 1.5L diesel engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, the 2019 model underwent a few structural changes, such as a redesigned dashboard.

Ford Transit Connect Van Features

The Transit Connect has short and long wheelbase options. The van’s maximum payload is 1570 pounds. On top of that, it can tow 2000 pounds of weight. Its rival, the Mercedes Metris can tow 5000 pounds of weight and has a 2,425 pounds cargo space.

The Metris also offers more comfort, but it is not as easy to drive as the Ford Transit Connect. On top of that, the Metris is more expensive at purchase, has a steeper maintenance cost making the Transit Connect the perfect choice for the vanlifer looking for the ultimate utilitarian bliss. Its other features include:

  • Pre-Collision assistant with an automatic braking system
  • FordPass Connect
  • Forward and reverse sensing system
  • Side-wind stabilization system
  • Swing-out rear doors
  • Auto high-beam headlamps
  • Wireless charging
  • Driver-Assist technologies enable one to stay connected and confident on the roads
  • The 2022 Ford Transit Connect has a rearview camera, curve control, side-curtain airbags, and Advance Trac.

Pros of Ford Transit Connect for vanlife

Fuel Economy

First thing first, fuel usage is a top priority when selecting a long-term stay and travelling van. EPA estimations show that the Transit Connect Turbo 2.0- litre has a 27 mpg on the highway and 24mpg in the city. In comparison, the 2.5-litre engine has ratings of up to 27 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg in the city.

Super-Comfy with Large Cargo Space

Ford Transit Connect has a versatile interior with super-cozy seats and lots of configuration options. There is ample cargo space; the cargo van has up to 127 cubic feet of cargo space, while the passenger van has 105 cubic feet.

Engine Performance and Transmission

The engine performance of a Ford Transit Connect is outstanding. For instance, the 2017 Ford Transit Connect offers two great choices: a 2.5-litre delivering 169hp and a 1.4-litre EcoBoost that conveys 186 hp.

Safety features

Ford Transit Connect safety features, such as the Pre-Collision Assist feature, leverages its camera technology to detect a potential collision with a pedestrian or a vehicle. This feature, which is not common in many vans, and has helped curb many an accident.

It releases a unique sound when it detects potential collisions, displaying a warning message. And if your response is not as effective as it should be, the system will supercharge the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), which will boost brake assist sensitivity, and the van will come to a standstill.

Cons of Ford Transit Connect for vanlife

Significantly smaller cargo space

There is a substantial difference between the Ford Transit to Ford Transit Connect sizes. A Ford Transit has a cargo space of 368.8 cubic feet, while a Ford Transit Connect has a cargo space of 123.2 cubic feet. For conversion purposes, a Ford Transit is way more spacious than the Ford Transit Connect.


Our top 10 best Ford Transit Connect Van Conversions


Choosing a home on wheels is a big deal, and Milo of @milomely went for Dottie–A 2013 Ford Transit Connect XLT as her travel partner. Dottie is a 100% DIY conversion with an expanding bed, an office working station, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a garage, and a bike storage space.

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Dottie’s kitchen squarely occupies the left-hand side of the minivan boot. It has a pusher pluck countertop fitting, a 7-inch-deep sink, magnetic knife rack, water tap and a spice rack firmly screwed up. There are two kitchen cabinets, a top and lower cabinet.

The lower cabinet hosts the water drainage tank, solo gas stove, and utensils, while the upper cabinet, which is always out of reach, stores the dry goods.

Milo is also a photographer and has a working station positioned on the left corner. He has a 24-inch swivel monitor perfectly hooked on a wall and a fall-down work table. Books, a wireless keyboard monitor, and scrap materials occupy a mini sidewall shelf.

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The sofa on the right-hand side converts into a twin-size bed. Moreover, beneath the couch is a pull-out drawer that holds a refrigerator and serves as an outdoor kitchen.

A garage occupies the left side wall of this standard roof minivan. It holds all sorts of tools and wires and is accessible from the left side door. Milo also has two 5-gallon water tanks in the garage.


 @smallvansbigworld’s Christina and Daniel, travel in their standard-size 2017 Ford Transit Connect. Their micro camper has a kitchen space, a twin-size bed, and a dining table.

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The interior of this standard-roof minivan is simple with a white and blue wood and fabrics decor that looks super comfy and inviting.

Christina and Daniel’s minivan has a 160 watts solar panel at the top. The solar panel taps energy, sending it to a battery positioned beneath the van’s floor. This power source runs a roof-mounted electric fan, water heater, and light bulbs. 

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The kitchen area is on the left side of the minivan and has charming blue wood finishes. Its fittings include a pusher pluck countertop, a sink, and tons of cabins. Their build has a kitchen window that sends in a cool draft to counteract the heat generated when cooking. The window and electric-driven fan guarantee a breezy environment at all times. They insulated the walls of their minivan for temperature regulation.


 Max of @maxoutfun is a solo vanlifer living full time in his 2012 Ford Transit Connect. He took years planning his conversion build and finally converted his standard-size minivan into a mini camper in a couple of months.

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He has incorporated a home gym, yes, a home gym, a twin-size bed, a working station, and a kitchen. The gym is accessible from the left side door of the van. Here, he works out his biceps, triceps, chest, calves, glutes, and back muscles with the help of the cable machine.

When camping out in the wild, Max’s mind has little to worry about safety. He has installed digital security systems in his minivan. The digital security system comprises security cameras mounted on all four sides of the van and a floodlight.

His bed, which measures 190 X 61 cm, occupies the right-hand side of the van. And above it is ample storage space that he keeps all his bulky items.

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The work station occupies the left corner of the van. And since electronics are usually prone to damage, he has designed a lockable cabinet where he keeps his laptop, camera, headsets, and drone. Additionally, he has his swivel monitor firmly mounted on the sidewall of his workstation.

The van’s interior is refurbished with classic wood tones, whereas the ceiling has an autumn leaves like lining. Max’s van is fully insulated, and he, therefore, enjoys camping in below zero weather.


Lady Bugout is a red 2010 Ford Transit Connect, owned by Dee of @ladybug.out. It is a standard-size mini camper van that features a kitchen, a couch, a toilet, and a twin-size bed. A couch lies just behind the driver’s seat and it comprises two-ply wood planks that can fold forward to form a large twin bed.

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The interior walls are Rustoleum spray-painted, while the coach and beddings are made of sandwashed, fine linen giving the interior an elegant touch. Lady Bugout has a bathroom. There is a cabinet just near the kitchen where Dee places her bathroom necessities. The bathroom’s shower can extend outwards, allowing her to shower freely from outside.

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Beneath her bed, in one of the compartments, is a small compost bin about 7 inches long she has converted into a small portable toilet.


Jake of @jakesjourneymate is obsessed with mountain climbing. So as not to have to camp in a tent all the time, he converted his standard 2014 Ford Transit Connect into a mini camper. He has designed it to hold a twin-size bed, a kitchen, and a seating area.

In his medium-high roof Ford Transit Connect, Jake has installed string fairy brown lights to soften the cabin’s wooden interior. On the top of the minivan, there is overhead storage space in which Jake stores his lighter equipment.

He has squarely positioned the kitchen on the left-hand side while the sofa is on the opposite side. To make his bed, Jake opens up all the drawers in the kitchen cabinet, which all fold outwards and extend to the sofa area. The rear cushions on the couch then occupy the newly created space, forming a twin bed.


 Abby Bennett is a solo camper that loves mountain climbing too. Her standard white Ford Transit Connect has eased camping and travel, giving her more time to pursue her favourite pastime. Her Transit Connect van build has a kitchen, a bed, and a dining area.

Her medium-high roofed minivan has a twin-size convertible bed that occupies the minivan’s left corner and a kitchen on the opposite side. The bed can slide in to form a sofa, thus creating adequate living space in the minivan.

On the right door is an adjustable wood platform that holds her gas stove when cooking. Abby is a master’s student studying Environmental Science and ecology. Her minivan has come to her aid when travelling long distances for research work.


Noah has a standard-size 2010 Ford Transit Connect that he has converted into a mini campervan. His standard roof mini campervan features a kitchen and a queen-size bed.

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The interior of his minivan is super classy, with stained walnut wooden panels covering the roof and the side walls. The wire bulbs mounted on the roof edges sparkle when turned on in the evenings, creating a spectacularly warm look.

Additionally, this Ford Transit has a fire and carbon monoxide detector installed on the ceiling edges. For air circulation, there is a USB fan mounted on the ceiling.

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The Dude of @dudedoesworld is a van lifer and a surfer. His van is a 2011 Ford Transit Connect. He is passionate about surfing and has toured far off oceans in his standard-size minivan. His mini campervan amenities include a shower, a sofa, a twin-size bed, and a kitchen.

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He has a pull-out bed which, when not in use, is converted to a sofa. The sofa forms an L shape and extends directly from the back of the driver’s seat to the back of the van. He has ample space beneath the sofas for his equipment storage. Firmly attached rope strings suspend his surfer boards on the ceiling.


 Kim Fuller of @lifeinfull is married to Bobby, and together they travel in a standard-size Ford Transit Connect XLT. It hosts a kitchen space, a bike parking rack, queen-sized bed, dining space, and seating area.

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They have positioned a convertible sofa on the right-hand side of the van, which extends to form a queen-size bed. Beneath the couch, there is a pull-out drawer that opens outwards, creating an outdoor kitchen. For a dining table, they have mounted a flat wood bar temporarily suspended by iron rods on the left side van wall. On top of that, they have a bike rack on the outer back of the van, that mounts two bikes.

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10. @doloresoriorvan

Dolores O’RiorVAN is a DIY 2011 Ford Transit Connect van build by Jimmy Slaughter. He is a freelance TV engineer and a part-time van-lifer. He has travelled more to places than he ever dreamt of in his standard Transit Connect van. Dolores’s interior design is simple and intuitive, with a kitchen, a twin-size bed, and seating space. The kitchen contains a microwave and toaster oven, which have ideal positioning on the kitchen wall shelves.

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Ford Europe developed this compact panel van and is available in a wide range of exterior colours from solar silver, race red, agate black, dark blue, magnetic metallic, frozen white, and Sedona Orange. An award-winning van, it is tested and built for rough use and has had a long history of performance excellence.

Consequently, in 2020, this van took home the Auto Express Van of the Year and the International Van of the Year award. It has won the Overall Parkers Van of the Year and What Car Van of the Year awards in 2021. There is clearly no stopping this van as it dominates the commercial medium-sized van sector.

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