Top 10 Mercedes Metris Conversions

Top 10 Mercedes Metris Van Conversions

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a practical van with an impressive people hauling capacity. It is, however, a no thrills, no-frills entry-level Mercedes commercial van that will not give you that classic luxury Mercedes look and feel.

Its interior is rather spartan with a plastic finish and a simple 7.0-inch touchscreen. On the bright side, its passenger variant has spacious seating though its seats are not as easily removable as they are on other vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is also pricier than other vans, its size such as the Ford Transit Connect cargo van. It however makes up for its failure in the price, in value. As an illustration, it has a choice of two-wheel bases and more cargo room than the Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van.

The Long Wheelbase Connect has a maximum of 145.8 cubic feet of cargo space, while the 135-in Wheelbase Metris has 199 cubic feet of cargo space. It also outshines the Transit Connect engine’s horsepower and torque specs.

On top of that, unlike most other vans in its price range, the Mercedes-Benz Metris is a safety feature-packed. Its standard issue cargo van has collision avoidance and rear-view camera features. There is also Hill-Start, Crosswind, ATTENTION assistance and the very useful Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP®).

Mercedes Metris Van Design

The Mercedes Metris cargo version has a short and long-wheelbase variant to meet any van build needs. Both variants have standard roof heights. The 2021 cargo van has a 126 inch and 135-inch wheelbase option.

It has a height of 75.2 inches and a maximum width of 75.9inches. At curb level, the load height is 22 inches, while the side opening door height is 49.3 inches. In the passenger van, you can store your luggage on the 37.4 cubic feet behind the third row and 97.3 cubic feet behind the second row.

Mercedes Metris vans are rear drive wheel, 4-cylinder, 2.0L Turbocharged petrol engine vans. They are 208 horsepower and 258 pounds per torque engines.

The standard roof 126-inch wheelbase

The 126-inch wheelbase trim is 202.4 inches long and has a cargo space of 183 cubic feet. This Mercedes-Benz Metris version can haul 2,425 pounds of payload. It is a choice work van with 17 inches of wheel steel that keeps it stable and firm on the ground.

The standard roof 135-inch wheelbase

The 135-inch wheelbase measures 211.4 inches and cargo space of 199 cubic feet and a payload of 2370. All Metris variants can tow an extra 5,000 pounds of weight.

Metris Getaway

The Metris Getaway is the luxury vehicle manufacture’s take on a campervan build. They have built it in partnership with Peace Vans. It is an excellent small van build with top of the range reliability, safety and convenience features such as its pop-top.

This van will have more living and sleeping space than the regular Mercedes Metris cargo van. Its elevated roof features an integrated spring system and optional solar panels. Its other excellent features are secondary batteries for additional power and 180 degrees front swivelling seats and a table.

The Mercedes Metris Getaway has a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. All versions have a nine-speed auto transmission that powers the rear wheels. The van can comfortably accommodate 7 passengers, inclusive of the driver.

 Mercedes Metris Van Features

The Metris van package comprises a 7.0-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has a navigation system that will give you access to live traffic information. A digital series Mercedes Pro connect feature tracks all your van’s activities.

 Exterior features include automatic headlights, a split swing-out rear cargo access door, and a sliding back passenger door. The Metris van has loads of safety features such as attention assist to keep the driver alert.

The crosswind assist also ensures automatic braking intervention on the wheel on the side of the van facing the wind during windy conditions. The Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) on the other hand, keeps your van firm by automatically breaking individual wheels and minimizing engine power in the event of wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer occurrences.

Its Hill Start Assist will support the van’s movements in mountainous terrain, preventing its backward roll. Both the driver and the front passenger seats are manually adjustable. It has an adjustable steering column, several cup holders, and manually adjustable air conditioning. 

The Mercedes Metris’ other excellent features include automatic climate control, interior rear-view mirror, cruise control, and lockable glove compartment. Its infotainment features include a SiriusXM radio, Bluetooth streaming, and voice control four speakers that will keep you busy on those long rides into the wild.

The Mercedes Metris Vans pros

Mercedes has done away with Metris’ previous 7-speed auto transmission. These vans now boast a nine-speed auto transmission. Coupled with a smooth-shifting 9G-Tronic, it hauls loads of cargo effortlessly on windy highways.

  • Its interior is quieter on highways and more comfortable than other vans
  • Many drivers assist features
  • Massive loading and towing capacity
  • Durable interior materials finish

Mercedes Metris Vans cons

  • It is pricey
  • It’s not as fuel-efficient as other minivans, its size
  • Lacks that unique brake pedal feel

Top 10 best Mercedes Metris Conversions


Marty, his girlfriend Collete, and their dog Spin have made memorable memories in their Mercedes Metris van. Marty was looking for a small yet sizeable van that would perfectly fit in a garage, and the Metris van was just what the doctor ordered.

Underneath his bed, Marty has enough space for his surfer boards, skateboards, among other items. He has a roof vent fixed on his wooden ceiling. To save on space, Marty has placed several cabinets on his double rear doors for kitchen items storage. These cabinets also act as tabletops when open.

Additionally, he has wired some lighting to the kitchen for nighttime meal preps. In his kitchen, he has a standard domestic fridge big enough for two, a perfect waste not, want not setup. He halved a five-inch gel memory foam mattress and placed it on a couch, creating seating and sleeping space.

For privacy, Marty has replaced his partitioning curtains with wind covers. Consequently, he can stealth travel through on his tours. He has crossed over 14 states in his Mercedes Metris van build. He regularly hangs inside his van with 2 or more people and the little van provides comfort and is roomy, even with a closed door.

For energy, he has a 130 pounds battery that stores 200-amp power, an AGM battery 1000 watts inverter separately on his electronic box. On top of that, Marty has a 40-amp charge controller and a few charging outlets next to the sink. Marty has fixed solar 300 watts solar panels atop his Mercedes Metris. He also has a gallon water storage with a 1 and half-gallon drain.


 Contravans camper conversions are turnkey or custom Mercedes Metris conversions. Their mid-size Metris van has a 4-cylinder turbo engine that makes a stunning 258 lb-ft of torque at 1,400 rpm. It also has a 7-speed auto speed transmission and 270-degree swing rear doors. You can opt for the hatchback-style liftgate.

These Metris vans have a bed with a foam memory mattress, remote and rain sensors, and wall and ceilings panels. For lighting, they have soft LED interior lighting on a dimmer switch. Optional items include bicycle racks, roof racks, and window curtains.


The Fun Cooker is a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris van build. It has a Sportmobile pop-top and is a haven for Peter and Janalu. The duo has maximized their van’s cargo space use by installing several cabinets for storage. They have a cabinet behind the Fun Cooker’s driver’s seat and more cabinets right next to the two-seater in the back. 

The campervan rear door lifts when open so it doubles up as a shade on a hot day. At the back of the van are their stocked kitchen and a small foldable table for meal preps. They can take the prep counter space to the outdoors when they want to do some outdoor cooking or grilling.

Their Metris van’s pop-top roof is so high that Peter can fully stretch his hands up while standing upright in the van. To create more living space, they choose to replace the van’s middle seat with a floor mat. A simple platform box keeps gear bins, cooler, coffee maker, among other items, fully organized. Heavy Velcro stamps keep the platform box steady during travel.


 Erika Evans is a digital creator and a solo lifelong outdoorsy vanlifer. Her Mercedes-Benz Metris campervan build is medium-sized and has a raised roof. It is small, agile in stature, and silver. She has travelled around the world with ericwevans and dog Meiko.

Erika has laid her mattress at the back of the car and folds slightly so that it fits her and her dog sleeping quarters. She has installed a huge kitchen box at the rear to aid in storage solutions. She has a two-tier Tupper drawer unit and a large plastic bin in the back for storage. Erika loves to cook and her kitchen has a Dutch oven and cast-iron skillet.


 Tetris the Metris is a medium-sized, high-roof campervan Mercedes-Benz Metris van. A beach-loving couple lives in this campervan with their cute dog, Stanley. This van’s ceiling and walls are all wooden.

Tetris has fixed large cabinets under its bed that gives it a comfortable raise and also act as storage spaces. To add storage space, Tetris’ owners use the space under the van’s benches to store their equipment.

On windy days, the two beach lovers, enohammocks and Cyn, use their stove indoors. All that they need to do is to lift it to a comfortable height and cook. They have a cooler where they keep their beers and other drinks.


Peacevans Metris campervans have three variants to suit any vanlife preferences. You can opt for the full camper which has interior cabinetry, complete kitchen, and solar outlets, and factory second battery.

The second option is the weekender which comes with more space. Its rear bench is also wider. This van has a pop-top and a bank bench seat that folds down for two. However, unlike the full camper, the weekender does not have a full kitchen.

The pop-up option is most ideal for the #vanlife lifestyle. It contains a two inches mattress and a springform bed and 4 USB outlets for lighting and charging. Josiah is a satisfied peacevans Metris customer. His Metris build is a blue high pop-up roof van.

Josiah’s van build is slick and has top-notch, soft interior lighting. He cooks outside on a wooden table outside and has a lantern Ledlenser to keep warm on chilly nights.


Evan, Victoria, and their dog are living their best lives in their Metris campervan. Their Metris van is white, mid-sized wheelbase, and has a pop-up that can sleep two. Their van’s rear door opens up and is a shade to rest under. 

For more cool outdoor living space, the passenger door side can stretch out a tent that can sit a few people. A small mat then completes the perfect outdoor sitting area.


Aubrey campervan build’s ceiling and walls are covered with soft grey spongy clothing. Wood accents on her fixed long benches add an earthiness to her van’s soft blue and white interior. At the backside of the campervan are underside cabinets where she stores some of her belongings.

Behind the driver’s seat is a cabinet where Aubrey keeps other travel items. This van build has a fixed tabletop that she can work on while seated on the leather couches that are DIY projects.


Clare and Rob Mercedes Metris conversion is a beauty. They built it over one year. It was at first a simple cargo haulier, but today is a mini-RV that has space for the newest addition to their family. To veil the cargo van’s cave shape, Rob has over time placed windows on the sides of the van.

They have lined their Metris’ walls and floors, softening their look and feel. Their bed is a slide-out couch. Their Metris van build has a full permanent kitchen with a worktop, sink and refrigerator. They can, however, cook and eat outdoors at their camping table.


Jan is a photographer, video maker and graphic designer. Her van build is a 2018 Mercedes Metris van. Jan is outdoorsy and the Metris van solves all her surfing, mountain biking and adventure needs. She loves that she can spin her van build from adventure mode to a day-to-day use family vehicle. On conversion to road trip status, her Metris van can sleep four and has a shier, kitchen and heating.

Sitting in between a mini and medium-sized van, the Mercedes Metris can haul lots of vanlife cargo but is small enough to maneuver through the city’s narrow roads. It is 5 inches longer than an S-class sedan and its turning circle is 2 inches smaller than that of an S-class, making its ride a breezy one on stiff corners.

It is also easy to park in crowded lots. Its high seating position will give you a clear view down its short hood and low beltline for side visibility. The Mercedes Metris van will make your vanlife a lifestyle.

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