Top 10 Nissan NV 200 Conversions

Top 10 Nissan NV Van Conversions

The Nissan NV200 is an oddity in the small van world. It is a compact little van whose size rivals that of the Ford Transit Connect, Citroen Berlingo or Volkswagen Caddy. It, however, is higher in body and slightly narrower than other challengers in its class.

Its tall little city van image has endeared it to many small business owners. Consequently, it has become an excellent replacement for the Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car taxis. This little van was first sold in 2009 and has undergone very few modifications in its lifetime.

It has maintained its compact exterior and impressive interior cargo holding virtues, which make it an excellent vandwelling option. The Nissan NV200 is the smallest commercial van in the larger NV300 and NV400 Nissan van line.

It has three trim options, Acenta, Visia and Tekna. The NV200 vans are crew or panel. You have the option of a bare-bones ledger friendly S cargo van or better levels of comfort with its SV option. The SV has a rear power outlet, more tie-downs, rear parking sensors, power mirrors and a stylish chrome grille plus body coloured bumper.

The NV200 might be a cheaper option to vans its size, such as the Ford Transit Connect, but it compromises on power because of its 139 pound-feet of torque and 131 horsepower engines. Its variable automatic transmission (CVT) enhances fuel economy and smoothness, not response or acceleration.

To this end, it is not your to-go-to van if you are planning to haul heavy items in its cargo area. It also has fewer driving aids than the Ford Transit Connect. The latter has features such as a Pedestrian Detection system and Pre-Collision Assist, plus a Side Wind Stabilization system.

Nissan NV200 Van design

The Nissan NV200 has a 115.2-inch wheelbase and stretches 185.6 inches, making it one of the shortest vans in its class. Its wide-opening doors, however, can support the loading of standard (40-by-48-inch) pallets.

Its back doors are split 40/60 with the 40 on the left side lowering movement disruption when open. Both doors feature double opening positions of 90 and 180 degrees.

Its cargo area length is 82.8 inches, 54.8 wide, and 53.0 high. The low cargo floor and high roofline increase the cargo space to 122.7 cubic feet, a tremendous boon for the NV200 vandweller. The Nissan compact cargo runs on a robust 2.0-litre 16-valve DOHC 4-cylinder engine.

 This two-passenger van comes in two trims, the SV and S model. The S model offers more comfort than the SV model. It also has more cargo adaptability like extra tie downs and back power outlet, rear parking sensors, and power mirrors.

The S base model’s principal features

The S model has a 15-inch steel wheel, cloth and vinyl upholstery, cruise control, and sliding side doors. Its payload is 1480 pounds.

The SV model’s salient features

The SV has additional features such as keyless entry, six floor-mounted tie-down rings, a rear 12-volt power outlet, and heated power-adjustable mirrors. It has a 24 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway EPA rating.

 Nissan NV 200 Van features

  • The new Nissan NV 200 has class-exclusive standard features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On top of this, it has a standard a7.0-inch colour touchscreen, on the largest screens in vans of its size.
  • It has a foldable front passenger seat that may act as a countertop when on the move 
  • The NV Nissan 200 infotainment technology includes Bluetooth, SiriusXM satellite radio, and a single USB port on the dashboard.
  • Standard safety features include an electronic stability control system, roof-fixed curtain-side impact airbags, and front airbags.
  • The compact cargo van exterior features include a front grille, aerodynamic front-end design, and active cabin design. Two optional factory order packages include a Back Door Glass Package and Sliding Door Glass Package (passenger side). The back door package includes a rearview mirror, rear glass defroster, and rear back windows with privacy glass.

Pros of Nissan NV 200 

  • Taller drivers and passengers will have more driving comfort because of the Nissan NV200’s spacious front legroom.
  • The low-load flooring enables easy loading, so you will not require much effort when lifting your vanlife equipment
  • The van’s 36.7-foot curb-to-curb turning diameter supports easy maneuverability through traffic and in parking lots.
  • All its doors are solid
  • The Nissan NV200 has six floor-mounted hooks on the cargo area and six standard exterior roof rack mounting stations
  • The NV200 laid back and modest design has five exterior colours that include a brilliant silver metallic, super black, fresh powder, cayenne red metallic and the 2021-gun metal.
  • It has a spacious centre console at the front. You can safely keep your laptop or other files in it. Alternatively, keep your laptop on the 15 by 13 inches tray on its seat’s back.
  • It has a CD holder and dual cup holders where you can place your coffee mug while you drive.  

Cons of Nissan NV 200

  • It does not have a powerful engine
  • Minimal driver assists features
  • The van’s payload capacity is smaller than that of its rivals. 

 Our Top 10 best Nissan NV 200 Conversion


Life partners, Lauren, and Stevens of tripofalifestyle are semi-retired vanlifers. Their introduction to vanliving was a 45-day tour in a Honda Civic. They then embraced financial independence by lowering their household expenses.

They planned to make work an optional part of life by living frugally. The Nissan NV200 was the obvious van for their dirt-cheap travel lifestyle. What they love most about it is its stealth, fuel efficiency and ease of drive.

The couple travels on a gallon for every twenty-six miles and they only spent $12,300 on their second-hand Nissan NV200 build. Their little van has been a reliable companion doubling its mileage with no major hiccups.

They have a super simple build, with a platform bed at the back. The duo eats out in gas stations and shower in gyms. They, however, have a simple van stove in their van storage for emergencies.


Pip and Jo met at a love party and married in 2020. The couple enjoys adventuring together, so they bought a Nissan NV200 to travel within the UK from a salesman. Their idea was to build a home on the wheels, a feat that they have achieved with this micro camper.

Their van’s interior has a bright and colourful plywood couch that turns into a bed. Their black Nissan NV micro camper also has a kitchenette. On rainy weather camping days, they have a tent that they attach to the van’s side to create space and shelter when the van’s doors are ajar. Here they can enjoy their tea, movie or simply cozy up in the warm blankets and enjoy some R&R.


Annabelle and James’ beautiful camper NV 200 Nissan has adequate space for work and travel. The van’s interior rustic vibe is accentuated by a linseed oil finish hardwood worktop and cabinets for personal effects storage. They have a mini van kitchenette where they can prepare meals.

The couple settled for a DIY L-shaped van build with a couch that doubles up as a bed. Underneath it is lots of storage for their travel equipment storage. A battery keeps their electronic devices charged. The white Nissan NV 200 build has a canopy that they attach to its exterior when camping for more head height and shelter from the rain.

On the roof is a rack for their surfboard storage. They have put in a window on their Nissan NV solid sliding door for a lighter and an airy feel.

Ryan and Mel’s Nissan NV200 Conversion

Ryan and Mel’s camper is a beautiful, professionally designed home on wheels. It is a Nissan NV200 Tekna stealth camper van with a solar panel at the top. The stylish camper has a well-furnished kitchen in the van with metallic surfaces. They have a sink, a kitchen and a refrigerator and a cooker for convenient meal preparation on the go.

The kitchen has pull out drawers for utensils storage. Fitting trays convert these drawers to worktops when open. The sink and two-burner gas cookers have covers as well, that convert these fittings to a large stylish and dark granite-like worktop. The small camper motorhome has fully insulated walls, lots of windows and a custom size custom-built bed and recliner couch.

Their bed converts into duo beds at night, a spacious setting for two people. Cabinets and cupboards surround the bed, enhancing the storage of personal items. Additionally, the camper has a battery that keeps their electronic devices on. Their van build has a portable toilet and a diesel heater for warmth in frosty weather.


Tricia of bunnyplayshere, choose a Nissan NV200 Cargo Van for her build. She designed her van’s storage and layout to suit her day-to-day needs. Some factors that she considered when setting up her van build include a solar system, lots of secure private storage, a chic interior style and lots of recycled material elements.

Her Nissan NV200 build is simple and comfy. It has a large cyan cover bed with a clean white interior. She has a gas stove and a collapsible countertop at the back for simple meal preparations.


James’ van build is a 2015 Nissan NV200 model. To build his NV Nissan 200 home, James pulled out the van’s back seats to create space for the storage of his items. He also carpeted the van’s interior and used insulated the walls of his new home on wheels for warmth.

For a plush cozy feel, he carpeted the van’s floors. His bed is made of timber and has three sections. These three sections with massive storage space beneath can fold back when he wants to use space for other activities, especially in inclement weather.

Yogi the Van’s power supply can charge all his electronic devices including a refrigerator, laptops and phones. On top of that, it lights the van on at night. Drawers provide essential storage and he has a foldable table.


Evan is a digital nomad and his Nissan NV200 build is one solid camper. It has excellent organization and technology features, such as an electrical system and extensive plumbing. Evans’ dad, a carpenter, saw to the camper’s excellently designed and finished cabinetry, the cornerstone of this campervan.

To this end, it has loads of storage space because the cabinets take up the van’s entire floor space. Fortunately, the Nissan NV200 has a high roof height, making Evan build a comfy, self-sustaining off-grid van.

His raised bed has a foldable mattress. There is a bathroom with a shower and a portable toilet. His kitchen has a sink and faucet connected to the van’s plumbing system. He has a stove for meal preparations.


Pagurus is a 2014 NV 200 Nissan stealth camper. It has a portable toilet, a power system, shower, sink, table and a foldable bed. It is a wholesome adventure van with lots of home facilities. Additionally, Pagurus has a monocrystalline solar system that charges all electric appliances.


Andy Beck is an artist. His van build is a Nissan NV200 Combi, with excellent craftsmanship on a budget. Its interior is carpet lined and has new panels. It has a clean white aesthetic with warm lime green accents. The van’s passenger seat is a swivel chair that provides more sleeping space at night.

Beck’s bed is on one side of the van and is spacious and has lots of space underneath it. On the other side of his van is a cabinet for storage. At the back is a comfy dog bed for his furry friend and travel companion. 

The Nissan NV200 low entry price makes it a perfect vanlife entry van and it is easy to maneuver the Nissan NV200 in close quarters. Its generous front legroom offers makes it a comfortable drive for the tall driver and its 25 mpg fuel efficiency on highways is admirable.

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