Top 7 Ram Promaster City Conversions

Top 7 Ram Promaster City Van Conversions

The Ram ProMaster City is the smaller and more maneuverable sibling of the monster Ram ProMaster van. Made for the tight European streets, the nimble ProMaster City is a robust front-wheel-drive workhorse, designed to handle smaller deliveries with higher fuel efficiency. 

It will weave through city streets in Ninja-like fashion, its quick and fast gears awarding you zippy accelerations. The Ram ProMaster City has top of the range payload capacity, cargo space and fuel economy features. It will fit in just about any garage or parking spot.

It is a van made for a tough life in the outdoors, complete with hard-wearing plastic bumpers, large opening back doors, and cargo area tie-downs for those rough terrains. It has a utilitarian build and is not overly beautiful. Its body has that work van look.

On top of that, its steering wheel is thick, and its knobs and buttons are bulky. Its infotainment system is also very basic. Its cabin is a tad noisy, and it might feel a bit wobbly when you are navigating sharp corners. It does not have safety-related driver-assists features such as automatic emergency braking or blind-spot warning features. Its rear parking sensors are an optional feature.

That said, it makes up for its failure in the beauty and comfort department with other virtues such as fuel economy. Its MPG metrics are better than most other small vans. For this reason, it has won a Green Car Journal’s Commercial Green Car of the Year efficiency award.

On top of that, its 2019 version has a slightly longer wheelbase and base body than that of its American rival, the Ford Transit Connect van. If you are thinking of purchasing this workhorse for your vanliving needs, you have a choice of seven exterior paint colours.

Colours choices include black metallic, deep red, quartz grey metallic, and bright white. The bright red and bright white exterior colours are no-cost options, with its bright white variant winning the hearts of most customers.

Ram Promaster City design

The Promaster City comes in two models, the Tradesman and SLT trim. The tradesman is a bare-bones utility van while the SLT has more features such as power-adjustable mirrors, upgraded seats and leather wrapping on its steering wheel.

It also has bumpers, and all in all, a look classier than the Tradesman van. The cargo van is a two-passenger build, while the passenger model is a five-seater van. Both vans have a 2.4-litre engine (178 horsepower, 174 lb-ft of torque) and a nine-speed automatic transmission. 

The ProMaster City’s base Tradesman trim rolls on 16-inch steel wheels with black trim on the side mirrors and bumpers.

The Ram Promaster City cargo van

The cargo van measures 187.1 inches long and the wheelbase is 122.4 inches. Its width is 84.6 inches, inclusive of side mirrors and 74.2 inches high. The front width is 60.0 inches, while the rear one is 60.9 inches. Its cargo area dimensions are 87.2 inches long, 51.8 inches high, and 60.4 inches wide.

The breadth between the wheel wells is 48.4 inches and the load floor height is 23.3 inches. It has a payload capacity of 1890 pounds in its cargo area and a towing capacity not exceeding 2,000 pounds.

The cargo version has two front seats and a back open cargo area. For privacy and security, the side and back doors do not have windows. If you need to partition the interior space, you can order a factory-installed partition or build your own.

The wide berth of its cargo area will give you an easy loading and offloading time. The low step-in heights of 23.3 inches at the rear and 21.5 inches at the side will keep you stable as you port your luggage in and out of it. Its double opening sliding door opens to 26 inches, making equipment offloading from its side super smooth. On top of that, the Promaster City has a floor so smooth and flat, you can easily pull your load over it.

The passenger van

The wagon model has side and rear windows and a second-row seat for five people. It looks like a taxicab model with features such as vinyl seat upholstery, power side windows, heated and power-adjustable side mirrors, and an upfit interface connector.

You can configure the fold and rear tumble back seat to fit your passenger or cargo needs. Use its flat roof to mount your wheelchair or bicycle via its back’s 60/40 split door.

Ram Promaster city Features

  • It has a 5.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A telescopic steering wheel with a multi-functional tilt.
  • Air conditioning.
  • A keyless entry
  • In-built navigation and WiFi hotspot capability.
  • A backup camera as per federal law.

Pros of Ram Promaster city

  • An economical fuel sipper that will save on fuel costs
  • A higher payload rating compared to its competitors.
  • A large and versatile cargo area that allows you to carry any size and shape of your belongings damaging none of the van’s interior build.
  • Safety features such as a backup camera and upgraded airbags will protect you in case of a collision. There is an optional rear sensor feature as well.
  • A telematics system that highlights its real-time data on its whereabouts, fuel efficiency, and general productivity.

Cons of Ram Promaster city

  • Loads of engine vibration because it is not a luxury van.
  • Its large Tupperware wheels bring complexity to the navigation of corners. Maintaining reasonable speed around curvy roads may be best for safety.

 Top 10 Dodge Promaster city conversions,


 Dustin Klein is a passionate cyclist. His van build is a 2020 ram Promaster city van. He has an extension at the back of his campervan where he clips his duo bicycles. His campervan build has a sink, a hide-a-bed, and a solar system. In his sleeping area, he has a Helinox one cot convertible. It is super simple and fits perfectly in his mini campervan.

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For all-weather heating and temperature control, Klein has a portable propane heater plus layers of wool sheet on the van’s interior walls for insulation. The back of the van is fully insulated and dampened, which makes the rides quieter and comfortable.

Klein has added some beautiful touches to his van build such as window partition storage panels that add to his small van build’s aesthetics. His van’s subfloor of an appealing rubber coin mat and a cool adjustable track bar that is essential to campervan equipment organization. 

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His van has four dimmable led lights on the ceiling and there is a Nemo portable shower at the back of his van. All needs to do to clean up is clip a towel between his double back doors and voila. The van’s benches slide out in a routed lap joint which is strong and comfortable to sleep on and he has more storage on the van’s floor where he keeps his shoes and other belongings.

His seat covers have molle straps with portage for more storage space. He also owns Yeti 500 and a power supply device charged by an alternator and solar panels on his roof. Duo USB plugs charges his phones and other gadgets. His kitchen countertops are well laminated, giving them a smooth texture and attractive look.


 Thevanpirechronicles is a small family of campervanners that travel in Cuddles, their Promaster City van. @djtrickypat and @vermanamama have spent years in the #vanlife movement and love it. The interior of their campervan is simple but accommodating.

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Their low roof van has a ceiling board, five big wooden cabinets and a freezer. Cuddles has a mobile survey unit on its floor which at night carry doubles up as a cushy bed with a mattress. For privacy, the couple has placed boards in every window.

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Brandon Sparks takes to the road alongside his wife Chrissy Sue, and dog Bailey in their Ram Promaster City van. They are not full-time van lifers, but their small campervan build helps Sparks attend a variety of motorbike races all over the world.  

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The 2016 RAM Promaster City SLT conversions by California custom vans are dream small van builds. They are neat and excellently use every inch of internal storage space. Their layout is open and functional, giving you that unique home feeling, a surprising feat for a small van such as the Promaster City.

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Their Promaster city van conversions have LifeProof flooring, all-around insulation, maple constructions, and cedar ceilings. This van build has a self-contained bed and bench system and an in-built camping stove drawer. It can comfortably sleep two people and has a slide-out grill and storage.

The two-seater couches are made of durable Sunbrella Fabric Cushions, beauties that will lure you to stay longer in the van. Additionally, the vans’ fabric walls have maple inserts, for an earthy and comfy finish. They have partitioned the campervan into two with cabin separating curtains, which adds a level of privacy to the van.

For power, there is a 12V / 110V battery charged by a hidden solar pop-up panel that pop up panel on the drivers’ side. You will have Promaster City basic features such as radio Bluetooth connectivity, a backup camera, and a touch screen head unit.


 Contravans Promaster city conversions have several outstanding features like a rain sensor, Bluetooth, and awnings. These van builds have a roof rack and a bike rack motorsports lover. These features support the secure storage of sporting items of any size.

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Contravans provide installation and deadening packages to keep your rides smooth and noise-free. Their Promaster City van builds have a memory foam mattress. It is thick and comfortable and feels just like home. An auxiliary electrical system consisting of a 100Ah AGM battery, inverter, & USB ports, and a solar panel provides enough power to light and run your electrical items.

Besides that, this van build’s 8-speed transmission, 2.4L engine, and 28 highway mpg rating will have you hitting the road for days. The electronic stability control will aid you in keeping your van moving in the right direction with ease.  

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 Cascade campers Promaster City conversions have a 42-inch-wide couch, 6 foot and 4-inch-long beds in desert tan or slate grey colour. These van builds have a five-gallon water tank and a sink that leads out to the back bumper. Consequently, it does not require a grey water tank feature, lowering your van maintenance chores.

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 At the top of the van is a roof 100 W solar panel that charges your batteries while the van is parked. There are also two USB charging ports, one is 12V and while the other has a 4000 watts rating, so you can safely charge your laptop on it. This Promaster City conversion also has a domestic CF-25 fridge with adjustable temperature. It functions both as a fridge or a freezer.

They have placed a single burner butane gas cooker in a cubbyhole near the passenger door for easy access. Its floor is a long-lasting black Hexa-Grip with aluminium trims along the edges for extra protection.

Other features include dual discrete 6″ roof-mounted Ventline adjustable speed fans,1/8″ birch panelling, and 1/2″ closed cell foam insulation throughout the ceiling. There is also the option of door panels in case your van lacks slider door windows. It also has padding to minimize noise while moving.


Guinevere, the Promaster City Camper Van, is David’s and Jean’s small van build. It has adequate space for two and a dog. This van build has a sizeable kitchen with a sink and workbench on its side. One of its attractive features is the curtains at the back double doors.

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It has a cozy desert tan interior and couches. Several cabinets provide more storage space. The floor is black hexa-grip for durability.


Originally developed by Fiat, the Ram Promaster city is the perfect small vanlife canvas for you if you are going for spaciousness and versatility. It will suit you perfectly if efficiency, not comfort, is at the top of your campervan build considerations.

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