Top 8 Peugeot Partner Conversions

Top 8 Peugeot Partner Conversions

Micro campers are the vanlife alternative of a tiny home. One of their biggest advantages is that they cost half the price of standard vans such as the Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster when new. The Peugeot Partner is one of the most affordable micro campers in the market.

A new 2020 Peugeot Partner will cost $17,200 as per the CarsGuide price list. Its American rival, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect cargo van will set you back $27,310. The 2020 Ram ProMaster City is just a thousand dollars cheaper than the Transit Connect.

To this end, a vanlifer could choose the Peugeot Partner over an older monster van, which may cost $10,000 at purchase, but will take lots of financial resources to tart it up. Furthermore, larger used vans have other associated costs of ownership, such as higher maintenance, fuel, tax, and insurance.

The little Peugeot Partner easily converts to a micro camper because of its foldable seat design, large boot space and practical design. Its older versions are a re-badge of the Citroen Berlingo. The difference between the two is relatively minimal, and besides their logo differences, and a few specifications, they are practically the same vehicle. They both are products of the PSA Group, a French car manufacturer.

That said, the Peugeot Partner sets the pace with its suave i-Cockpit feature. On top of that, it has a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Citroen Berlingos, on the other hand, sports 1.2L petrol engines and 1.5 diesel BLUEHDI for trim versions. The Peugeot Partner has a wide range of external colours that include white, platinum grey, aluminium grey, and onyx black.

Peugeot Partner Designs

The 2020 Peugeot Partner has three main variants. They include;

  1. The Peugeot Partner 110 THP Standard with a 1.2-litre engine. It is 1880 mm high and 1921mm wide. Its length is 4753mm, and it has a 2975mm wheelbase. The 110THP Standard has a braked capacity of 850 kg and its fuel consumption is 5.9 litres per 100 km.
  2. The Peugeot Partner 130 THP Standard is also 1880mm high but is not as broad as the 110THP. It has an 1848mm width and a 4403mm length. It has a 2785mm wheelbase. This little van is the most fuel-efficient of Peugeot Partner vans with a 1.2-litre engine that has a 6.3litre per 100km fuel consumption rate.
  3. Peugeot Partner 92 HDI Long runs on a 1.6-litre diesel engine. It is the least fuel-efficient of these MVPs at a fuel consumption rate of 5 litres per 100 km. It has the same length, width and height as the 110 THP. It also shares the same wheelbase dimensions with the 110 THP. It, however, has a higher brake capacity of 900kg.

Peugeot Partner Features

  • Comfy seats and superb refinement
  • Vast storage space in the cabin
  • i-Cockpit interior design–A feature that was first and initially used in Peugeot Partners only
  • Remote central locking with separate cab locking and with deadlocks
  • USB, Bluetooth, and Aux-in
  • Automatic headlights
  • Drivers’ airbag
  • Electric door mirrors and windows
  • Two individual front seats
  • DAB radio

Pros of Peugeot Partner

Excellent Engine Performance

Peugeot Partner has a diesel engine model that has three power outputs; 128bhp, 161bhp, and the 2.0-litre HDi diesel cis with a 97bhp. The dynamic version can manage the 0-62mph sprint in 12 seconds and has a maximum speed of 106mph.

Magnificent interior design

The new make of Peugeot Partner is extra spacious and super comfortable. The driver enjoys a wide field of view. Additionally, a 7-inch touch screen is perfectly positioned on the dashboard and easily accessible without too much strain.

You will find access to functionalities such as its AM/FM radio, onboard computer, music playback, and DAB effortless. The i-Cockpit cabin layout adjoins a small steering wheel, thus giving the Peugeot Partner an alluring sporty feel.

Extensive Storage Capacity

A standard Peugeot Partner has a cargo volume of 3.3 cubic meters, while the long van has a cargo volume of 4.4 cubic meters in Multi-Flex mode and 3.8 cubic meters in standard mode. On top of that, there is an additional 600 litres of space when the front passenger seat is folded. The Partner’s vast storage capacity makes it an ideal mini camper.

 Engine efficiency

Very efficient fuel economy in its diesel range and has reasonable engine maintenance intervals.

Cons of Peugeot Partner

  • Complaints raised by Peugeot Partner owners include a laggy touchscreen.
  • Older Peugeot Partners have reliability challenges

 Top 8 Peugeot Partner Conversions


Joriene, Sandra, and her corgi Fudge of @twocampersandacorgi are a family with a shared love for travel. They have been travelling together since 2014 after the couple tied the knot. This family was lucky to have their Peugeot Partner by their side as the Covid-19 spread. They could still enjoy the wild outdoors in their miniature colorful Peugeot.

They had their standard Peugeot designed into a tiny dream house. The normal-sized and standard roofed Peugeot has a 30-litre undercarriage water tank for cleaning, and for Fudge’s ever dry throat.

Their mini camper has a wide back door with tinted windows for privacy. Inside, there is a queen-size mattress bed, and below it are drawers on both ends. The drawer on the left side serves as clothing storage, and the one on the right serves as a cooking equipment storage area.

Sandra put her art and painting mastery into action, making superb colour choices that give their van’s exterior a fun vibe. Her work is stunning. Joriene, on the other hand, built and installed their little home’s wooden and electrical fittings.

They later designed the van’s interior to match the exterior paintwork. The final product is a thing of beauty. Their Peugeot’s has two doors; a back door and a side door. Their kitchenette is next to the side door and has a refrigerator plus a cooker.


Lena of @lenasminicamper is a solo camper that loves travel. To ensure that nothing comes between her and her love for the outdoors, she converted her white, standard-size Peugeot Partner into a house on wheels. Her medium-high minivan has a queen-size bed, sofas, and adequate storage space.

The interior of the minivan is simple and classy. It has white, green and blue linen curtains and beddings that look so cozy and inviting. She has raised her convertible queen-size bed to a height of 40 cm from the boot surface. It extends up to the driver’s seat. When she needs more sleeping space, she can tilt her driver’s seat forward for a full queen-size bed.

Beneath the bed are drawers that hold various items like kitchen utensils, clothes, and a water tank. Since her large comfy bed takes up all her interior space, she cooks outside the van.


This powerful standard-size Peugeot partner has a queen-size bed, a sofa, and sufficient storage space. They partitioned its boot into two compartments; the top and the bottom. The top hosts a queen-size bed raised 45cm from the boot surface and is suspended by strong, wooden cardboard.

The bottom compartment, which has a height of 45cm, has 36 cm, 40 cm, and 36 cm, partitions. They then placed crates in the sub-compartments to store various items. The crates hold items like a gas stove, a water tank, utensils and equipment.

This vanlifer does his cooking outside the van and has a convertible table that holds all cooking items. On top of that, they have a convertible chair for comfort during cooking and dining.

 @jess minivan

Jessica of @jessminivan is a solo van lifer who is deeply connected to her standard-size Peugeot Partner. The van’s interior is intuitive and tasteful and has an enriching green aesthetic. It comprises a twin-size bed, two sofas, a dining space, and a kitchen.

The super-comfy sofas are positioned on two side ends of the minivan boot. The sofas convert into twin-sized beds when a wooden plank is fitted in between, and a mattress is laid on top.

Beneath the sofas are pull-out drawers. The drawer on the left serves as the kitchen, while on the right serves as cupboards and wardrobes. She fit the kitchen with useful kitchen appliances, such as a gas stove, utensils, and a water tank.

Moreover, the space between two sofas is occupied by a convertible dining table. Jessica lowers the dining table to form a uniform height of a sofa or a twin-size bed when the need arises.


Hampus of @hampusjosefinreser turned his Peugeot Partner Bipper into a home on wheels. The Peugeot Bipper is a medium-sized, medium-high roof van.

Hampus’ excellent woodwork shines through a sofa on the left side of the van’s interior that pulls out into a bed with a dimension of 44 x 77 inches. Underneath the sofa, he has placed removable drawers that offer storage space.

He has an adjustable dining table on the right side of his van and a ventilator at the back door of the van to regulate airflow.

Van on tour converted a Peugeot Expert 2003–a medium-sized, medium high roof camper van into a house on the road. He has a bed on the right-hand side of the van that folds to a sofa. His kitchen spans the left-hand side of the van and has plenty of drawers beneath it.

On the top of the Peugeot Partner is a solar panel that generates lighting and propels the centrally positioned air fan.


Pedro of @Pedrothemicrocamper finds happiness in travel. He bought a 2014 Peugeot Partner to ease travel-related pains and designed then built a DIY micro camper on it. He started the task with a sketch, then added a 3D dimension to the designs. Then came the wood backing that covers the entire van.

Pedro has positioned his adjustable bed in the right corner of his van. And on the backdoor, he has a dining board suspended on a string. For lighting, he had a solar panel on the top part of the van. Tiny LED string lights give Pedrothemicrocamper a warm, snazzy look at night.


This 2014 Peugeot Partner is a standard size and height van. Amongst its stand out features is a sofa that converts into a bed for two perfectly positioned at the left side of the van. This little micro camper has everything you need for a good life on the road.

 It has an impressive kitchenette at the back and a large pullout drawer that fits a massive amount of kitchen items. Its interior design is eclectic and has a mauve and lime green colour pallet.

The Peugeot Partner is a compact but versatile, fun and durable micro camper van. Its drive feels more car-like than many other vans, its size and its cabin are comfortable and roomy. Its sliding doors and tough interior make it a trusty van for a life spent on the road. It also has lots of safety and security features such as curtain and side airbags, engine immobilizer, central locking, automatic door locks and deadlocks. They made this little van for vanlife.

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