Top 10 Citroen Berlingo Van Conversions

Top 10 Citroen Berlingo Van Conversions

The Citroen Berlingo leads in sales in Europe and the UK. Its success is proof that while SUVs now dominate the motor industry, MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicle) still have their place. The affordability of the MVP and their cargo-hauling carrying capacity makes this van an obvious choice over the SUV for the traveller.

The Citroen Berlingo is a classic MVP and has considerable stakes in the commercial small van sector. It has a square body, just like the Peugeot Partner and lots of load space. The PSA Group produces both vans.

The Berlingo is available in the market as a panel van or a commercial vehicle. It comes in a broad spectrum of colours: polar white, deep blue, cumulus grey, passion red, aqua green, soft sand, and onyx black.

This compact panel van’s original design is based on a 1996 UK Berlingo van. The Citroen Berlingo model was, however, was first released in 2008. Its production period ran between 2008- 2013. Its features include an interior roof rack, drinks holder, footwell compartments, a 50-litre locker, and a boot box.

It has a boot space volume of 675 litres, and when you fold its rear seats, its vanlife equipment hauling capacity will rise to 3,000 litres. This mid-sized van has been through quite a few iterations that include:

First-generation M49 and M59s

These vans sold as the Berlingo Coupé de Plage, Berline Bulle and the Grand Large. The Grand Large was the base model for the Multispace and Combi campervans.

Second generation B9

The 2008 MK2 model, based on the Citroen C4 platform. Afterwards, came the Citroen C4 enterprise trim in standard LX and L models in 2010. It also sold as the Peugeot Partner in Russia. In 2021, it sells as the Citroën Berlingo Multispace, Opel Combo cargo and Opel Combo Life.

Third generation K9

The third generation Berlingo van was released in 2018. It also sells as the Toyota ProAce City and the ë-Berlingo Van, the electric-powered version of the Citroen Berlingo.

The Berlingo Multispace has a vast space that can carry up to six passengers and is ideal for general family needs. The Citroen E-Berlingo is a zero-emission five-seater Citroen model that uses electricity and can cover a 106-mile range.

This car uses a DC rapid charging port to recharge its battery up to 80% in only 30 minutes. The M version of e-Berlingo has a boot space of 775 litres and 3,500 when you fold its rear seats.

 Citroen Berlingo Van Features

There are two Berlingo van body styles. Both share a 2,728mm wheelbase, but the L2 model is longer with an extra 248mm of cargo space. The L1 and L2 models can haul 625kg and 850kg of vanlife equipment, respectively.

Both models have rear doors with side hinges. The doors open to a 180-degree angle. Other features include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Speed limiter
  • Bluetooth
  • Smartphone mirroring
  • Advanced security level
  • Apple car play and android auto

Pros of Citroen Berlingo van

Vast Storage Space

Together with Vauxhall and Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo are compact small vans with ample storage space. The Citroen Berlingo’s vast storage space is distributed across its large door bins, dashboard box, glove box, and a shelf directly above the front seats.

Additionally, your phones have charging space on a small tray beneath the ventilation and heating controls. Its enormous rear space makes it a perfect camper van conversion candidate.

Excellent Engine Performance

Nobody wants a van that will drag them down because of poor engine performance. Citroen Berlingo’s engine performance is respectable. Its engine is a 109bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol model.

Super Comfy Interior

The third-generation Citroen Berlingo is perfect in design and has excellent new features. The dashboard has undergone restructuring for an outstanding appearance. It has ample space, and the improved ventilation and heating system gives the interior an airy feel.

The Citroen Berlingo has an 8-inch touch screen displayed above the dashboard as well. Drive it and you are assured of an absolutely breezy ride.

Improved Onboard Technology

Citroen safety technology is outstanding. It includes a blind-spot monitor and a camera that pairs to a 5-inch screen covering the spot that hosts a rearview mirror.

It is cost-efficient

The Citroen Berlingo has low running costs with a good mpg return thanks to its BlueHDi diesel engines. Additionally, Berlingo has a wide range of trim levels, modern engines plus reasonable service intervals.

Cons of Citroen Berlingo

 Has an Unappealing Body Shape

The boxy appearance of a Citroen Berlingo Multispace does not go down well with some vanlifers. Most people write it off as an ‘outdated’ van because of its appearance. 

Top 10 Best Citroen Berlingo Conversions


Danielle and Jack are a couple who love to spend their weekends exploring new things and fresh places. The duo did not want to limit their exploration and therefore converted their standard-sized, deep blue Citroen Berlingo into a medium-high roofed minivan.

The minivan has a sleeping area, a kitchen, a seating space, and a dining table. The dining table is suspended by an adjustable rod, which creates a sleeping room if pulled down. Their van build has a dining table. This table is flexible and can face the opposite direction when cooking, creating enough room for the portable gas stove.

Additionally, the roof and the side walls are fitted with string light bulbs for a super cozy look and feel.

 @bernie the campervan

Steffen and Sofieaar of @berniethecampervan are a couple that loves to travel. Being out and about is the most effective way of passing leisure time, they say. In their standard Citroen Berlingo, the duo has toured the lakes and hills of Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Their simple Citroen Berlingo is a standard-roofed camper van. Their van build has two compartments, i.e., the top is about 1.1 meters while the bottom is about 0.2 meters. The top hosts a queen-size bed, while the bed base stores the kitchen utensils, portable gas stove, clothes, and other belongings.

They do their cooking outside the van on their portable dining table. The van’s roof and the top side walls have wire bulbs fitted all around to give a glamorous touch when turned on in the evenings. 

Soffieaar says what she enjoys doing the most is sitting in their mini campervan, listening to her favourite audiobook, and watching the sun as twilight approaches.


Danielle Wilson of @the.wandering.wilson is obsessed with travel and designing a “moving house” on a budget was the most logical decision for her. With the help of some of her family members, she transformed her standard Citroen Berlingo, medium-high roofed camper van into her motor home.

She designed a wooden bed platform that covers the entire boot. The bed platform is fixed on its two corners (forming sofas), while the middle section is a removable wood platform, to ease movement. The upper part of the bed platform has hinges that can later fold, creating space for the back seats.

Under the bed, there is ample space where she stores her clothes and other vanlife essential equipment. Danielle enjoys making extensive tours along with the company of Archie – her pet dog in her Citroen Berlingo.


Sherry Camper of @berlingocamperizada is a solo female camper living in a standard-sized Berlingo XTR. She loves her simple but classy polar-white Citroen Berlingo beyond measure. She built her bed using birch plywood and measures about 1.9 X 1.4 meters.

The ply is interconnected with hinges and can easily fold into two, creating passenger seats when the bed is not in use. To effectively utilize the available space, she opts to use a foldable mattress. She uses the shelves at the bottom to store an 8-gallon water tank besides other possessions.


This Berlingo campervan is designed by @bert.ingo and has a super comfy look. The interior of this standard-sized, deep blue Citroen Berlingo has a Malibu style aesthetic with white and black fabric. The van is also super organized with a bed and some drawers.

Its bed occupies the upper part of the boot, while shelves with drawers are on the bottom. A gas stove occupies one shelf alongside the utensils. When cooking, the drawer that holds the kitchenettes can extend outside the van for easy cooking.

Its bed is convertible and will fold down when not in use to a cozy couch. Additionally, a string bulb is installed on the van’s roof, giving it a comforting fairy light look in the evenings.


Lee Andrews owns Billy, a 2018 cumulus grey Citroen Berlingo. Billy is a standard size van with a medium-high roof and has a kitchen unit, dining area, sleeping space, and seating space. He positioned a kitchen on the left-hand side of the van in a drawer that slides out, saving space.

The drawer is partitioned to hold the utensils, gas cylinder and cooking stove. His dining table is a temporal raised wooden bar that Andrews lowers when preparing his sleeping area. The drivers and the front passengers’ seats are tilted to create a full queen-sized bed.


Karl and Jaha are a couple that loves being different. Consequently, they kicked off their married life in a Citroen Berlingo MPV. They plan to explore Europe, starting with Ireland and the UK in their standard-sized Berlingo minivan.

The space in the minivan is efficiently used to cater for a queen-size bed, kitchen, and seating area. They have suspended the bed on wooden convertible bars that are joined with hinges. The space under the bed holds the cooking stove and the cooking utensils.

Right after the bed from the back door end is a wood extension that holds their kitchen set up during the cooking process for an external kitchen setup.


This medium-high roofed van is built and designed by @berlingovibes for minivan lifers. It is a standard-size, blue Citroen Berlingo with an intuitive design. It has an adjustable dining table, a cozy seating space, a spacious sleeping area, and a cooking area.

Its kitchen is on the left-hand side of the minivan in a movable drawer. The dining table is suspended by a metal rod, and you can lift it to create a sleeping area. The space below the seat on the right-hand side acts as a clothing storage area, while the front part of the bed has hinges that easily fold to create a comfy couch.


Mupi and Ich of @berlingo.camper are a couple who have been travelling since 2009. The duo chose to live in their standard size, red, Citroen Berlingo, and tour Germany’s great lakes and mountains.

The interior of their medium-roofed Citroen Berlingo is simple with furniture and beddings that match the car’s exterior colour. The furniture in the minivan has a sleek golden wood finish. Their Citroen Berlingo van build minivan has a kitchen, a bed, and a seating space.

Its seating area is on the two corners of the mini camper. The space at the centre is covered, and beddings are set in place to form a bed. Additionally, the space beneath the sofas on both sides of the minivan acts as cloth storage.

Ich has built a foldable wood bar extension attached to the couch that holds their portable gas stove and cooktop. Under the right sofa is a portable loo for emergency uses. Their Citroen Berlingo van build is a dream come true for this couple. 


Truesdale of @truesdaletv has converted his cumulus grey Citroen Berlingo into his new stealth ‘tiny home.’ Fishing being his favourite leisure activity, he loves to tour lakesides. His Citroen Berlingo Micro Stealth Campervan has a standard roof and a bed, kitchen, and dining space.

The kitchen area occupies the right corner of the car, while a bed lies on the opposite side. The kitchen area has a kitchen table and some shelves. He has a portable gas stove ideally stored on one shelf when not in use to optimize space. Utensils and cooking ingredients occupy the other kitchen drawers.

The comfy queen-size bed positioned at the back of the minivan is convertible to passenger seats. His van’s sidewalls and the roof have a unique design in which the wire bulbs simultaneously glitter, giving the van’s interior a lively sparkle.

The bulb’s power source is a mini solar panel placed next to the passengers’ windscreen tapping energy to a small battery positioned beneath the front passenger’ seat. Additionally, he has a 7-inch tablet with a firm fix near the table rack that he comfortably streams Netflix while resting in his bed. He also has a portable electric heater to provide warmth during chilly nights.

The Citroen Berlingo is an excellent campervan alternative. It is an easy to drive van with reduced engine and road noises and has a tight turning circle for easy parking and maneuverability on curvy roads. It is the ultimate small van, with an affordable used van price and a promise of reliability.

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