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Are you itching to get on the road again? Do you dream of living in a converted van? 

You’re not alone: many others have been living their best vanlife for years and documenting it while they’re at it! 

Following the top van life vloggers will not only give you the inspiration to take the plunge but will also give you some tangible tips and tricks to van living that you can’t glean from only reading or looking at pictures.

Here are some of the top Vanlife Vloggers on Youtube. Think we missed someone? Contact us and let us know.

For this list, we only included popular YouTube channels of van livers who are still living out of a vanlife as of this writing. While there are many extremely popular channels about van living, many of these people and couples are no longer living their day-to-day in a converted van, so we did not include them. Subscriber counts were current as of August 18, 2021.

1. Eamon & Bec

850k+ subscribers

Eamon and Bec have been living in a van since 2017. Originally from Canada, they were making their way around the world when the Covid pandemic hit. Not wanting to be stuck in Africa, they had to abandon their campervan in a parking lot to fly home to Canada. During lockdowns, they worked on building their second DIY Mercedes Sprinter conversion. They’ve just finished and are itching to be back on the road again. Eamon and Bec vlog about van conversions, travelling, and daily life. 

2. Kombi Life

547K subscribers

Ben has been living in a 1973 VW self-converted van for a few years now. Originally from the UK, he has travelled all around the world both as a solo van liver and as a couple. Currently, he’s been living on the small British Chanel Island of Jersey, his hometown. He’s been documenting living out of the van on the island, but he’s itching to be on longer roads very soon.

3. Susi Cruz

223k Subscribers

Susi Cruz is a young female traveller. She has lived both the solo and couple van life. Susi documents her day-to-day life and travels on YouTube. From starting her vanlife journey to the current day, she has many stories to tell. She lives in a self-converted T3 campervan in Mexico at the moment, after shipping her van from Europe. She lives with her dog in the van. 

4. Tio Aventura

199k subscribers

This Venezuelan/American couple has been living on the road for the past 6+ years. When Chase lost his job, they moved into a converted school bus. After travelling for two years, they decided to downsize even further. They purchased their Sprinter van and converted it themselves. The couple now lives full time in a Sprinter with their two dogs. They post vlogs about their daily lives and DIY van conversion ideas on their channel. One of the most exciting features of their van build is a murphy bed instead of a platform bed.

5. Jarrod Tocci

Subscribers 124k subscribers

Jarrod Tocci lives in his self-converted stealth sprinter camper van. He has completed many van conversions using different van builds and types over the years. His channel features many gutting and van conversion DIY videos and inspiration. Jarrod has been living on and off the road for over three years now.

6. Christian Schaffer

100k subscribers

Christian Schaffer has been living on the road for a while. Before getting help to convert her 2019 Ram Promaster in 2019, she lived out of her SUV. Christian is a solo female traveller, and her vlogs feature her daily life, tips about solo travel, how she makes money, and her travels. She spent a couple months living in a house this year but as of June 2021 is back in her van, travelling through North America.

7. Max & Occy

93k subscribers

Max and his Aussie Shepherd named Occy has lived out of a van for three + years. Originally from New South Wales, Max and Occy set out for a two-year van journey starting in Canada all the way to the bottom of South America. They visited 15 countries while they were there. Newly back in Australia, their reasonably new channel is devoted to their van adventures in Australia. Max recently got a job as a paramedic and outlined his daily life as a paramedic van lifer with a dog. 

8. Mr. and Mrs. Adventure

77K subscribers

Brittany and Drew are in their third year of vanlife. They currently live in a self-converted sprinter van in the USA. Previously they travelled through the UK, Norway all the way to Morocco in their Ford Transit Van. They’ve also lived the van life in Iceland. You’ll find plenty of van life inspiration on their channel as well as tiny home life as they’ve been living this lifestyle for much longer than their van journey.

9. Vanlife Sagas

50k subscribers

Dom and Marie are a French-Canadian couple who have been converting their second van during covid. Subscribe to their channel for details of van life build and now living in their van sagas. Currently residing in a Ram Promaster, they want to visit every single part of North America. They have previously explored Europe and beyond in vans before the pandemic.

10. Philip and Lidia

46k subscribers

Philip and Lidia are an American and Spanish couple who have been living out of a van for seven years. Although they have purchased and converted many vans, they’re travelling in a self-converted 4×4 Ford E-350. They’ve travelled through the US, Canada, and Mexico during their years on the road. Their channel features a lot of van life inspiration and day in the life travel vlogs.

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